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Let's just be honest here. This page was created out of sheer boredom.

Several years ago I had started sending out humorous email "digests" to friends to cheer them up. I spent hours perusing the magical world of the interwebs to find a sea of worthless shit, but amidst that shit were some gems.  Some images, videos, what have you were hilarious, disgusting, mind-bending, awe inspiring, and some were just plain juvenile.  My email list grew, and if I skipped a day of sending these email digests, I was met with groans and hissing as I walked in the room.

So here on this blog I can keep a running collection of the nonsense found in that desert- err, magical fairy land that we know as the internet.

Carry on.

Questions can be directed to though to be quite honest I am unlikely to check this email very often.  Hey, I'm just being honest! The images are "user submitted" so if you see something that belongs to you, please contact us and it will be removed properly.

Thanks and safe journey.

     From Your Local Pillbox,
                       Poisoned Pills & Soda Pop