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Monday, April 12, 2010

Vinyl Heart of Mine

My Vinyl Heart is going to explode, with black tar taffy pushing through its veins.  A vulnerable and vicious thing, independent of my other off-base organs and body chemistries...

Announcer cuts in: (Body Chemistry Set made, distributed, and sold by PPSP)

The blood within it runs thick, slow, leaving a dried and drying trail behind it.  The only submissive part of this creature destined, demolished by, and delirious due to its endless servitude.

Dominant X whispers, "To anyone but Me."

Nature or Nurture. False or Fallen. Sold or Soulless. Mark my words or May the lord bless...

Blood pressure rises and black tar taffy bubbles, toils, and troubles, and the upset is there screaming to the reptilian center of the Mind-Brain Hind-Brain- fight or flight now or all is lost! My legs. Want to bolt. Neurons squeal. Synapses gag.

Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlement, the Ever-Present But!" Cue applause.

But society trains and stamps us to stand firm on principle and protection of an image by pausing the person.

Freeze, please.

Muscles frozen.  Blood boiling. And that Vinyl Heart of Mine- that vinyl heart of mine is exploding.

Announcer: "There will be black licorice for the children
after the show and
the curtains are drawn.

Look at them play Look. At. Them. Run.
psst. no running in the hall young lady. 


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