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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chainmaille Soda Pop Overdose (or Chainmaille Reverie)

I encourage all people to learn fun new arts. If I'm not learning and creating, then I'm dead. One thing I've picked up is chainmailling- kinda like crochet, some projects just put you in mode a la Zen. Following are some examples of what can be done with chainmaille.  All items were made by Yours Truly (otherwise identified as Zaldania on many sites).

First- Byzantine weave earrings.  Some people have debated that chainmaille can't work as ear-wear- I beg to differ. 

My second most popular product when I was making chainmaille as a part-time income.  This was made for fun and inspired by the Renfaires that go on in that prime season.  This was sold very quickly

Okay, here's the deal with this one.  I was bored as all fuck and had a shit ton of discolored pink rings. I started making mobius balls out of boredom.  Then I linked them together in a basic japanese weave. This abomination was born.  I still have it- it's awesome to look at, and people like it.  People just don't want to wear it.  Ha!

Pink and Black punk, poser-esque project, again to use up the pink rings.

Hey look! More earrings. I did like the turn out of these.

 My Soda Pop Excitement Baby. This took many many many hours and a few bloodied fingers. The body of the purse is European 4-1, with the strap being byzantine weave. Ring sizes vary. Either this is selling for 120 or I'm keeping it forever.  I'm fine with either arrangement.

 People in general are FASCINATED by the texture of the chainmaille, so a stress ball wrapped in chainmaille only made good sense! Smile!

The crosses were a fast keychain seller. My favorite small project, though is the Celtic Star you see in the middle of the picture. These are so fun and beautiful. Soda Pop glee.

This was a commission for someone I had met on a website- the piece was titled "Serenity's Fire". Euro 6-1 and 4-1.

 Many a project! The round bracelets near top are made of aluminim and neoprene. In this way, they are stretchy and flexible.  Very nice for something quick and unique.

 My number one seller and absolute favorite single item to make- pouches! For gamer geek dice bags or something strange just to have.  I have a bronze anodized aluminum pouch just chillin in my car (Spectre is his name), holding Pyrite.  These I usually sell for between 25-30 depending on specifics and if custom.

These are a few more examples of what can be done with a little creativity. The teddy bear is mine. You can't have it.

This site is FANTASTIC for tutorials: Derakon's Library

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