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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Diaries April 11, 2010

Hello my sweets,

   I have been spending time away from the civilized world.  I have been living in olden times, where the internet is dial-up and page load errors run rampant.  Hence my lack of posting.  Apologies.
   This weekend I spent time with family as we celebrated my birthday, which not for a day or two.  Among shooting guns, like rednecks do in the boondocks, we also purused antique malls.
    "Antique malls?" I hear you question.  "But that sounds dreeeaaadfully borrrring."
    "Yes, antique malls, fuckface," I respond. "You find some crazy gems in those places.  It's like a black hole of the strange." (That's what he said).

     I look forward to uploading several of my more poisonous finds.  Absurdity and nonsense was present, though this particular locale was not fraught with the horrors of many other antique shops.  I will have to make a more regular habit of going on my own. 

   Nevertheless, my wholesome soda-pop pretties, I will provide you with things that will at least elicit a "uh... huh... hm" from the general populace.  And you know that my only goal in life is to make people stop, think for a short moment, and simply utter the magic word I love... "huh..."

   Best wishes to my pretty soda-pop dollies,
                           Your Digital Poisoned Palace Princess

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