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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010 (A Very Merry Birthday to Us)

Happy 1st Birthday, Poisoned Pills & Soda Pop! Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Interwebs!

(Image borrowed with permission from s.e.rider imagery:

We were born on April Fools Day, and what a foolish thing we are. Like Adderall'ed babies on the playground, we flit and flutter to our heart's content until it explodes, overdosed on our own self-indulgent whims.
Happy Birthday to us, indeed! Where's our damned cake? 'Fie!' we cry, and dip our faces in the powdered sugar before the icing is complete. We are a sight to behold, as our bellies gurgle the sound of our carbonated cocaine sweeties.

We want it now.

Choose your poison.

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